Bible Classes, Sunday 10 am

Sanctuary Building #127

Mike Canton

Small-group discussion of passages from last week’s Life Group Bible study. Applying our reading to current issue and life-situations seen in culture today.

Sanctuary Building #129

Pastor Kurtis Strunk

Designed specifically for college students and young adults.

Learn directly from the Bible about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our class is made up of young adults; whether in college, the work world, or in transition.

Education Building #225

Gary & Debbie McLin

See the Bible come to life through video series and find application in discussion. Topics change every few weeks.

Sanctuary Building #126

Mark Kelley / Tom Chesnut

Cornerstone is a verse-by-verse study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Sanctuary Building #122

Rob & Cassie Martin

Deeply studying the gospel of John

Sanctuary Building #101

Dave Allison

Did you know there were over 100 prophecies about Jesus? Did you know that Jesus said many times that he would do certain things so that all would be fulfilled? Come listen and learn about the prophecies concerning Christ through Old Testament references and New Testament fulfillments.