iKon Youth Ministries

Why does Ikon Youth Ministry exist ....

Our heartbeat is to stir up a generation of young people to seek and encounter the heart of God...to walk in intimacy with Jesus...to belong in community and be sent into their world as Spirit-empowered revivalists.

Seek...to crave, to demand, to yearn for

Encounter...to come face to face

Intimacy...close relationship, familiar

Belong...to be at home

Empowered...to give power and strength

Revivalist...One who restores something no longer in use....Jesus Christ!

How will we accomplish this...

Jesus-Centered Teaching…To be Jesus-centered means to focus on the person of Jesus: who He is, what He has done and what He wants to do through us…not on who we are, what we have done, or what we will do for Him. We believe this is best accomplished by saturating our hearts and minds with the written Word of God, the Bible.

Jesus-Focused Community…God exists in perfect community…it’s called the Trinity. And we believe that He has called us to live in close relationship with each other. These relationships are a by-product of our focus on Jesus and common unity in Christ.

Jesus-Empowered Living…We are convinced from the Scriptures that to be Christian means to have Christ in us. Therefore we do not live our lives for Jesus, rather we allow Jesus to live His life through us. This takes place by the Spirit of God.

Jesus-Sourced Mission…Ikon Youth Ministry is not a club. We are God’s children who are sent out to serve people and to bring them the good news that God loves them, sent His Son to die for them, and calls them to surrender their lives to Him and live a new life in Christ. We do not exist for ourselves…we exist to worship God, to love Him with fiber of our being and love our neighbor in Jesus’ name. We do this locally and globally.

We train the...