To be a serving family of faith, fully responding to Jesus, transformed into bold influencers of society who advance God’s Kingdom in our city and the world.


To extend the hope, healing, and wholeness of Christ to others for the glory of God, by advocating for the vulnerable, helping the hopeless, developing healthy leaders, and sharing truth with all.


Our deeply held belief, “It’s all about relationships,” is expressed in the following eleven values:

Every person is valuable to God and is welcome here. “Let them belong before they believe.”

Our passion is for multiple generations (grandparents, children, college age, married, divorced, single, and young families) to integrate and function as a faith family. “We are a family church.”

The Bible reveals Jesus and should therefore saturate our lives. “We are people of the Word.”

God responds to the prayers of his people. “We are a praying people.”

We serve a generous God who gives freely and calls us to be a generous people including giving to the local church for ministry at home and abroad. “It’s a heart issue.”

We purposefully cultivate both the character of Christ and competency for ministry in every Jesus follower. “Give it away.”

We empower people to experience the joy of serving within their God-given gifts and passions. “The priesthood of all believers.”

Through creativity and innovation we can extend the borders of God’s Kingdom with the Good News of Jesus both locally and globally. “Faithfully forging ahead.”

God’s design for healthy ministry is to function as a team of teams where everyone has a voice and no decision is made in isolation. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecc. 4:12)

Conflict is a normal family dynamic and we honor one another by addressing it according to biblical principles: humility, direct approach, and involving the fewest people. “Handle conflict biblically.”

We glorify Christ by celebrating the movement and work of God in our lives and community. “You are what you celebrate.”